My clients generally find my style to be open, relational, humorous, and insightful.  I focus on our relationship as well as external relationships and ask the client to do the same.  In collaboration, we are attempting to uncover habitual patterns or embedded tendencies that tend to create barriers between first ourselves and then the world.

To face and move beyond these barriers which ultimately cause pain, suffering, and harm to our interpersonal relationships, requires daring and bravery.  It takes courage to acknowledge the underlying fear and to let the fear be fear rather than following all the messages fear sends us.  It takes daring to leap beyond these habitual patterns into unfamiliar and uncertain territory while feeling afraid and vulnerable; yet it is getting familiar with our fear and vulnerability that allows us to access our inherent confidence which does not need to be cooked up or generated by us.  We can make these leaps of daring because of our self-existing mindfulness and awareness and through our ability to place our mind in a non-judgemental “cradle of loving kindness”.  Through this process we are able to cultivate glimpses of the natural, clear, uncluttered nature of our mind.